What are electric epilators?

Laser hair removal is one of the most widely used beauty treatments today and has been running for more than 20 years. This method of hair removal consists of permanently eliminating hair through the light emission of the laser, this is achieved because the hair contains melanin and when it comes into contact with the laser a reaction occurs that ends up destroying the hair bulb where the hair is formed and does not affect surrounding tissues.

Several types of lasers are used to perform hair removal, which acts according to the wavelength they emit.

The types of lasers to be highlighted are the following:

Rubí: it is a type of laser that emits its light with a wavelength of 695mm, it was one of the first to be used in the world, however, its use has now decreased due to its little versatility and the high levels of risks that exist in producing burns.

Alexandrite: this type of laser is suitable to be applied to all types of skin and hair, although it tends to be more effective in people with light or medium-toned skin. It emits its light at a wavelength of 755mm.

Diode: it is an extremely versatile laser, which has a better performance on dark skin. It emits its light at a wavelength of 810mm.

Neodymium-Yag: this laser works with a wavelength of 1064mm and is usually used to work on tanned or very dark skin.

Today there is a wide variety of laser epilators on the market that help to carry out this work, so we will let you know a little about the world of epilators, and at the end, you will find the best models that are on the market

What are electric epilators?

Electric epilators are devices that are used in the world of beauty to extract hair from the roots, just like waxing, but with less pain. Electric epilators are characterized by having a kind of roller in which there are small tweezers or rotating discs that are responsible for pulling out all the hairs.

These epilators are ideal for use on almost the entire body, everything will depend on the model that is being used. The basic and inexpensive designs of these razors are suitable to work in the area of ​​the legs and the armpits; although they could be adapted to work in more delicate areas such as the crotch.

However, there are some designs of electric epilators that are much more sophisticated and come with adaptable heads, which are ideal for epilating curved, difficult, and delicate areas; There are even some that have accessories that allow you to do facial hair removal.

Something characteristic of electric epilators is that unlike other hair removal systems, they do not cause as much pain during the start-up process, in fact, some models have the massage function. Generally, these razors have 2 speeds, the user has the possibility to choose the one that suits him best and adapts to his needs.

Now, to choose the best electric epilator model that suits you, you must know your skin very well and the demands it has, as it is important to remember that not all skin is the same and some are more delicate than others. Some designs have LED lights that allow locating the hair more easily, others are wireless, waterproof, etc.

One of the characteristics to take into account when choosing an electric shaver is the extraction speed with which it works, as this will define the amount of pain since while there is the greater speed the pain is much less; while if the speed is reduced the pain is much stronger. Likewise, the cutting point that the razor reaches, refers to the reach it has to extract the hair, however, it is necessary to emphasize that the hair must have a minimum length of 3 millimeters so that it can be pulled out by the epilator, if it is much smaller it may only cause damage to the skin and not obtain the expected results.

In general, electric epilators can be used dry or in the shower, as most models are cordless and use rechargeable batteries, which in most cases take only an hour to recharge. Wet waxing leaves a much smoother result.

Also, some models of electric epilators have interchangeable heads, which adapt to the most difficult and delicate areas of the body, such as the armpits and the bikini area; in fact, some of these heads work for facial hair removal, making the epilator a fairly comprehensive tool and suitable for the whole family.

Many people wonder what the difference is between razors and epilators, and the answer lies in the operation of both before the hair. The shaver is responsible for cutting the hair, but not uprooting it, so it grows much faster and stronger. The epilator uproots it and as the procedure is performed the follicle weakens, preventing it from growing less quickly and much weaker.

Although it is not a widely used term, the process by which these electric epilators are used is known as hair electrolysis  According to the different models of epilators that currently exist, the electric current used for the operation will vary; some take between 3 and 5 minutes for each follicle when using epilators with several needles; others combine electricity with heat (thermolysis) to completely prevent hair growth.