Using Epilator

Many women notice that although shaving is quick and easy, you often end up with unsightly stubble on your legs within a few days. Although you can simply just shave again, this quickly adds up to a lot of time you’re spending in the bathroom simply to keep your legs smooth. There are alternatives out there, like visiting a salon, or waxing at home. Unfortunately, visiting a salon constantly can quickly drain your wallet, and waxing, although it gives fantastic results, is still time-consuming.

Using an epilator for women can make the process of hair removal quick and easy, with similar results to waxing. Although most epilators come with full instructions, it’s useful to have some online to women who do not own one yet. Continue reading on how to use an epilator, and what you can do to reduce the discomfort associated with using them.

1) Take a shower first, this will soften the hairs and open the pores on your skin. Just be sure to dry first before actually using the epilator. Don’t use any lotions or moisturizers yet.

2) If you’ve never used one before, don’t just dive in. Try out your epilator on a less sensitive spot first, to get used to the feeling of epilation. It can be quite surprising to some people.

3) Play with the speed settings on your epilator. You’ll want to find the setting that works best for you. Try experimenting with faster or slower settings on a less sensitive area.

4) Use your epilator ahead of time. Often after your first few times, you can expect to have some skin irritation from using your epilator. This is perfectly normal, and will fade in a few hours. If you’ve never used one before, don’t try it for the first time an hour before going to the beach.

5) Once the red marks and irritation have faded, be sure to exfoliate your skin. It’s common to get ingrown hairs, especially after using an epilator, and exfoliating your skin daily helps to reduce the frequency of this from happening.