Types of electric epilators

In the world of electric epilators, there is a wide variety of types, among which their operation may vary in some aspects, however, all have as their main purpose to pull the hair from the roots with the least possible pain. Most of the electric epilators are characterized by doing a quick job and in a very easy way, they are of great help if you need to perform a quick epilation and obtain very good results; In addition, almost all models come with a traveling case, so there is the possibility of taking the epilator everywhere without any problems.

Some of the different types of electric razors are as follows:


Starter epilators

The depilatories boot is one of the most sold today, it is because they are the most popular and usability is very easy. These are characterized by having a roller in which the tweezers that are in charge of pulling the hair are located because when the machine is turned on the tweezers begin to rotate at a high speed and catch all the hairs.

One of the great benefits offered by this type of epilator is that the skin can last up to 3 or 4 weeks free of hair, in addition to this, many of these include adaptable heads that adjust to the most sensitive areas, although they are also of great help if you are want to do a quick shave.

In addition, there are other more exclusive models that can be used in the facial area and are even waterproof, so it can be used underwater.

Among the most outstanding advantages of these epilators is that being so popular you can find a great variety in the market, both in models and prices.


Pulsed light epilator 

This pulsed light epilator  is one of the newest types on the market and the one that has caused the most sensation among users due to its excellent results. This epilator is characterized by providing a more durable hair removal, as its system consists of emitting a pulsed light that, when in contact with the skin, weakens the hair completely.

When you start using this epilator, the process should be repeated every 15 days , this time is needed for the skin to adapt and for the hair to begin to weaken little by little. After that, it can be done less often and even less and less until it disappears completely.

It should be noted that sometimes one or another hair may appear and it will be necessary to use the epilator again, since the disappearance of the hairs may not be as permanent as it happens with laser hair removal.


The lamp of these epilators has a pulse limit for execution, this varies according to the different models, some can last many years, others allow the replacement of shots; While others are practically useless after they are finished, everything will depend on the epilator used.

Something to highlight about these epilators and the negative result is that it cannot be used by everyone since it does not give good results on very black skin and it is not recommended for very white skin; likewise, it is not suitable for use if the skin is tanned.

On the other hand, before using this epilator, the hair must be previously shaved with a common razor blade to reduce the volume; never use a starter or wax epilator. These epilators have other disadvantages to consider, as they have a very high price compared to other epilators on the market , also the result is not obtained immediately and when using it you must invest much more time.