Choose Your Facial Epilator

There are lots of epilators in a market, that might confuse you to which pay attention the most. Prices, attachments, colors, power, all these questions get to your head when it comes to a choice. The most important question thought – Which epilator would be less painful to me? Of course, there is a big variety of the hair removal devices, however, as per highest reviews, I got a few epilators here for you, which are definitely N1 in the market.


Silk-épil Flex 9-030Silk-épil Flex 9-020Silk-épil Beauty Set 9-985Silk-épil Flex Beauty Set 9-300
Great for:Body epilation, body exfoliation, precision shaving, hair trimmingBody epilation, precision shaving, body massage, hair trimmingFace and body epilation, face and body exfoliation, body massage, precision shaving, hair trimmingFace and body epilation, body exfoliation, precision shaving, hair trimming
Cordless use - fast recharge1 hour charge, 50 mins of operation1 hour charge, 50 mins of operation1 hour charge, 50 mins of operation1 hour charge, 50 mins of operation
Additional deviceFaceSpa - epilate & cleanseFaceSpa - epilate, cleanse, & massage
Shaver & Trimmer head
Flexibile epilation head
Extra Wide epilation head
Body accessoriesExfoliation brushMassage padBody massage pad, deep exfoliation brush, gentle exfoliation brushMassage pad
Wet & dry


Best Braun Facial Epilators:

The removal of hair, specifically the ones on the face for women is absolutely unpleasant and burning trouble. Just think about it. Who wants to head out in the streets knowing that there’s one tiny little hair on their top lip or a roaming eyebrow hair protruding at a strange angle?

The elimination of hair from our body had never been a pleasurable experience. From stripping our skin by wax to plucking the spirit out of our brows with tweezers, “torture and pain” has actually been the normal when it came to face epilation. However, our prayers were heard! We were rescued by technology and science. Modern technology provided us really hope when it brought out epilators specially designed to get rid of hair from our confront with utmost treatment. Nevertheless, selecting the very Best Facial Epilator could be challenging!

We picked up for your the lates by the technology, less painful, easy carrying and just Best Facial Epilators for you:

FaceSpa Pro 911 FaceSpa Pro 910
FaceSpa Pro 911 FaceSpa Pro 910
Cordless Use Time 1.5 hours 1.5 hours
MicroVibration head
Facial epilator
Normal cleansing brush
Skin vitalizing pad
Operation Rechargeable device Rechargeable device
Extras Stand