Just Epilate it!

 I have been the proud owner of an epilator for women for 4 years now, and I have to say, this is probably the best choice I’ve made regarding personal hygiene! This little “toy” keeps my legs free of legs, is easy to use, and is a lot less messy than shaving (not requiring shaving cream or shaving lotion) and good old waxing. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know why I put waxing with it for so many years now, which simply made my legs sticky and left so many hairs on my legs, not talking about my armpits, which I ended up plucking with tweezers(call it ignorance =)

Because I already knew what kind of pain waxing could be, I wasn’t too hesitant to try an epilator for women. So I looked online, read reviews, and decided to purchase an epilator. My first thought was that it was much more expensive than a shaver or waxing. But I realized that in the long run, because I wouldn’t have to buy new cartridges or wax, I would come ahead in terms of budget.

Epilation doesn’t quite feel like waxing. While waxing is a quick way of pulling many many hairs at once, an epilator will pluck your hair one by one. It doesn’t really hurt much more than waxing, it just feels different. Plus you will find that you get used to the feeling very quickly, especially if you are already a fan of waxing. For other people who are new to the world of plucking hairs, and for people who have waxed but not used an epilator for women, here are a few tricks for you. If you hold your skin with one hand to make it taunt, you will have a very noticeable reduction of the “pain”. Also, maintaining is no problem and is relatively painless, compared to the first epilation.

One of the advantages of using an epilator for women over waxing is that it works on short hair, and you don’t have to wait for a substantial amount of hair before getting rid of unwanted hair. You can do it whenever you feel like your hair is starting to grow back, or to get rid of that unwanted fast-growing hair you have on your calf or on your knee 🙂 5-10 minutes every day and voila! Ready to meet the word again!

Like I mentioned before, the actual pain goes away after a few use of the epilator for women, and you more or less just feel some slight discomfort after you get used to the feeling and because your hair will grow back finer and sparser. I highly recommend an epilator for women. You may cringe at the idea of epilating. But trust me, if you can bear through the first few weeks of epilation, you will never regret switching to an epilator and may never go back to shaving or waxing! I have to admit that I do not use the epilator on the bikini on a regular basis yet, but for the rest, it just rocks! My legs have never felt smoother and I highly recommend an epilator for women for every girl and woman who do not believe in grizzly legs!