How to Remove a Facial Hair – Braun Epilator Review & Demo

Everyone welcome back. So today I have another beauty video, this one involves an epilating, but it’s not for the body no, this one is for the face. I’ve never an epilated my face before, I’ve never had thread done, so I don’t know how I’m going to feel about this. You might have seen my epilation video, that I did on the legs using the Braun silk-épil 5 I think, if not you can see the video here or I’ll pop it in the info box below. And today’s is going to be a total live demo and review because I have the Braun facial epilator and cleansing brush. I’m not a massive cleansing brush fan, but I’m going to see what this Ethel 8 is like and give it a whirl. I’m not going to lie – this is quite
scary. I’ve never had anything moving fast around my face other than Clarisonic, so something that’s going to pull hair out I’m not sure how I feel about that and if it’s anything like the first time I had my eyebrows tweezed then somebody better go and gets me some ice and some tissues to mop up these tears, because there’s going to be some. So this is an epilator looks pretty harmless. I think has two speeds like the body epilators, so yeah, I was hoping it was going to be slower than the other, but they both seem quite as vigorous as each other, which is probably not the best when you’re going into this for the first time. And this is the cleansing brush head, which I think pops onto the top there and then there’s a little cleaning brush and inside you also get a highly magnified mirror which is illuminated. It’s really good to see the hairs if you’re in a bit of a self-deprecating mood then this might be a bit intense because it really does show the pumps quite magnificently, yeah, that’s not great. Now, of course, whenever you are epilating or removing hair the skin around the area needs to be clean, it just prevents any blocked pores, no blemishes in stuff happening if you have makeup on. Now of course I have makeup on because I wasn’t planning on doing this video and I thought let’s give this a review. So what I’m going to do with my intense magnifying glass is just take a makeup wipe and remove the makeup from where I’m going to be epilating
now Caroline here ins will not like this so if you are watching I’m sorry, Caroline, I didn’t realize I was going to be doing this. So I’m gonna epilate above the brows in between the brows, the sides here cuz believe it or not although I don’t have, you know, hair that goes all the way down the sides. I definitely have downy hair which is quite long and blonde so I wouldn’t mind testing that out. might just get one side done and then leave the other side light wolverine. We’ll see, now thankfully I don’t have any hairs at the sides of my mouth or the top of my lip just yet. I mean check back in ten years’ time because that might be a different story and if you do, then just make sure the area is totally clean. You might find you need to epilate a little bit on your chin, that’s fine. If the hair growth is down to hormonal changes then just check with your doctor because things like epilating might make it worse. So then let’s switch this on now, there has to be a slower one, let me check, so I’ve got it, this has nothing to do with the speed, unfortunately, it’s actually to do with the direction of the tweezers. So they’re going to rotate, either left or right, now the reason for that is because you go against the hair growth and I’ve always said that with epilating and tweezing, sorry it’s not tweezing, it’s shaving, and I know a few of you argued against that. So the hair just says, for example, on the top lip grows
downwards from either side. So you want to go in the opposite direction okay and it’s got own rules on the side there to
guide the hair on the side of your face would grow downwards so you want to go against. That same here, the same, um, in
the middle of the brows. It might find it a little bit directional on the top of the brow, so might be going this way, so might be going that way, so might be straight. So just have a look in your
the mirror, I mean it is it does get really, really personal in there so you should be able to see. I’m going to test this out in the top lip, actually, am I going to go in the deep end I don’t know we’ll go with the middle of the brows, I feel like that’s going to be the least painful. So, definitely removing them it’s not as bad
as I thought, actually, be really gentle on the skin, and obviously, you don’t want to get too close to the corner of your brow, the inner corner out. Oh God, so I’m going to do because I don’t want to get too close and hold on this side. So I’ll take half of that Brower I’m
going to swap in a change direction and hold it on my other hand so it definitely feels a lot smoother. I think if you had dark hairs you’d see the benefit straight away because my facial hair is quite blonde, you can’t see but I can definitely feel the difference yeah I can see how much smoother the skin looks there now, tells you to stick your tongue and your top lip and push outwards. Well, yeah, yeah that’s cool now the lip area is painful, which I knew would be. And it’s almost like when you get a little spot on your lip line and it’s one of those, really painful ones, where if you touch it your eyes start watering. I’m going to give the sides a go. Now, sure all this is
out the way. Oh oh my gosh, well so I’ve had to stop there because it was getting a little bit painful and I was expecting the top lip to be the most painful area because it’s more sensitive and the skins thinner but what I did find was – the sides were the most painful
area and I think that’s because the hair is thicker there and there’s also a lot more of it. So you’re going to have the constant sensation of pulling. I think if facial hair is something that bothers you a lot. Then you would definitely put up with this because after a few tries you would totally get used to it. For me because I don’t have a lot of
facial hair. If anything I would use it there and there, it’s not really something that I would invest in but I think it’s it definitely gives you results. So you know, if facial hair is something that you wanna do at home, you don’t want to go to a salon, then this is a really good idea. So overall this gets a thumbs up for me and if you have anything else that you’d like me to review, if you’ve got any suggestions of beauty videos, or beauty hacks then just let me know. Leave them in the comments box below, make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already, thanks for watching I’ll see you soon