How are electric epilators used?

Most of the electric epilators are very easy to use, as the design in which they have been made makes the process much faster since the tweezers that are in the head are in charge of extracting the hair from the roots These work at a high speed that makes the process almost imperceptible.

The correct way to carry out epilation is bypassing the electric epilator in the opposite direction of hair growth because in this way it will be possible to remove it completely, which is what is desired. It is important that the hair has a sufficient length so that it can be captured by the epilators, it is recommended that it be at least 3 millimeters; This is because if the hairs are very short the machine will not be able to catch them and, obviously, there will not be good results.

It is also recommended to exfoliate the skin before waxing, either the day before or a few hours before waxing, as that way you can obtain excellent results. Likewise, previously it is ideal to wet the areas to be waxed with hot water, that way the pores of the skin will open and the hairs will come out much faster and with less pain.

Today there is a great variety of models and the user can vary in some aspects, as some epilators include an LED light that allows the user to see the hair much better before pulling it out; in the same way, there are totally waterproof models that can be used in the shower. Also, there are other electric epilators that work wirelessly, making it much more comfortable for users. In addition to this, there are other more exclusive models that have different heads suitable for the most delicate areas of the body.

Some recommendations for its use have to do with the most sensitive skin, since after waxing it is essential to hydrate the skin and avoid exposing it to the sun. It is also important to perform exfoliation massages to prevent hairs from ingrown under the skin.

Benefits of electric epilators

One of the main benefits of electric epilators is that they are usually very durable devices that last several years and there are many inexpensive models. As for shaving, it is characterized by pulling the hair from the roots, this means that the hair will take much longer to come out again. In fact, there is the possibility that over time the hair will no longer appear because being constantly pulled from the root usually happens, so the skin is permanently depilated.

When waxing, the smoothness of the skin can last up to 4 weeks, which is ideal not only for the legs but for the most delicate areas such as the bikini area and the armpits. These areas deserve more care and electric epilators are ideal for this, as they reduce pain, irritation, and dryness.

Most electric epilators have removable heads, so they can be exchanged easily; thanks to this they are also very easy to clean. Many include several additional heads, some work as exfoliants for the skin, preventing the appearance of ingrown hairs. They are ideal for different types of skin: normal and sensitive.

These razors are generally very easy and quick to use, allowing the user to achieve very good results in a very short time. In addition, they consume very little energy.