Having a shaving bumps after an Epilator?

In the pursuit to get rid of body hair, individuals have attempted razors, creams, lasers, and also a host of other techniques developed to leave skin smooth and also hair-free. Getting rid of the hair at the surface, similar to a razor, can be efficient, but the outcomes don’t last lengthy. Eliminating the hair beneath the surface area of the skin, similar to an epilator, lasts longer, however can likewise boost the possibility of creating red, itchy bumps called razor bumps or cutting bumps. Getting a silky skin you should follow few steps.

An epilator makes use of a metal coil to get the hair as well as pull it out by the roots. The process can be fairly reliable however also painful. To assist relieve discomfort, a numbing cream or spray can be utilized. Hair needs to be at least 1/8 inch long for the epilator to have something to get hold of.

Cutting bumps might be because of irritation or ingrown hair. Quickly after using an epilator, the skin might redden as an action to having the hair removed. These bumps ought to fix within a few hours or overnight. Cutting bumps that show up the following day or later might be a type of folliculitis that results from in-grown hairs. As hair grows it might curl back on itself and expand back right into the skin. The skin reacts to this irritability by striking the hairs as if they were foreign bodies. In many cases, these bumps may also end up being contaminated, triggering a lot more irritability.


If you establish cutting bumps, keep the area tidy to avoid infection. Use a light antibacterial soap. You can additionally apply an over-the-counter corticosteroid cream to aid alleviate the itching and discomfort. Allow the hair grow for several weeks to enable the hairs to expand enough time to emerge from the skin on their own. If bumps are serious, see your medical professional; you might require therapy with antibiotics to fight the infection.

Scrubbing the skin daily can assist avoid the ingrown hairs that create most shaving bumps. Use a loofah or an exfoliating scrub and also rinse thoroughly. You may additionally try various sorts of the epilator to see if one type is much less annoying to your skin than another.


If you continue to experience cutting bumps with an epilator, you may need to switch to a different technique of hair removal. Try shaving or depilatory creams. A series of laser treatments could lead to irreversible hair elimination and also say goodbye to shaving bumps and get your silky skin on the spot!