Best Epilator for Men

Smooth skin is not what only females want. Men’s epilation is what many men do not mind today either. That is why epilators for men have become more and more popular nowadays. The best men’s epilators help them take advantage of the benefits of having smoother skin, and it provides increased cleanliness and better-looking muscles. 

Epilator for men is a good alternative for shaving. What else, shaving can eliminate body hair for some limited period of time only, while male epilators give you a long-term solution. The best men’s tweezers would help to epilate pubic hair as well as hair on the back, chest, legs, and arms. The best epilator for men is a type of hair removal tool that targets the roots of hairs. Actually, using a men epilator will extend the time period during which your skin is totally smooth. If to compare using epilators for men instead of waxing, men’s epilators available at home could save a lot of cash otherwise spent in beauty salons. Besides, waxing is messy. For most men, the easiest option is shaving but shaving results in prickly stubble. Moreover, temporary results make shaving unattractive either.

So, when you choose a men’s epilator either for yourself or your male partner you should consider several factors. First, the best men’s epilator should meet your demands: be compact, convenient to use and, surely, provide value for money. Second, you should take into account what zones men’s epilator will be used for. Before you buy any, check the instruction carefully if it is a beard epilator or the epilator back hair could be eliminated. You could also be interested if you can use an epilator on pubic hair. 

 What is the best epilator for men? 

 Many males prefer the Emjoi AP-18MS Emagine.

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Why is it the best? Let us share some details with you. This epilator can be used to remove hair everywhere. But it is highly recommended not to keep this device anywhere near your face. Waxing could also be used to remove unwanted hair from the neck down, but it is much more expensive than epilating. Emjoi AP-18MS is the first epilator on the market for men. It features 72 tweezers to remove hair from the back, chest, legs, and arms. And this men’s epilator will help you experience freedom from unwanted hair for up to six weeks.

So, epilators are such electronic tweezers that spin at a very high speed, removing hair from the root. Such epilators for men as Emjoi AP-18MS are far more effective at removing hair and yielding long-lasting results than some other models. An epilator for men’s faces requires more attention and careful analysis of customers’ reviews. But if you search carefully you could find something suitable for sensitive zones. For example, the epilator beard hairs could be removed.

72 Tweezer Heads For Fast, Long-Lasting Results
The Emagine features 72 tweezer heads that remove hair without the need for multiple passes. One fixed tweezer disc works together with two that open and close, capturing every last hair, while a 17-millimeter disk opening creates the optimal radius to effectively remove any lingering strands. In addition, the Emjoi’s patented “Glide Technology” lifts up the hair and enables the tweezers to skate over the skin, helping to minimize irritation. You’ll enjoy long-lasting results for up to six weeks.

Antimicrobial Protection
Designed to pamper your skin and keep you safe from infection, the Emagine is the first epilator in the world to offer Silver Ion Technology to provide antimicrobial protection for a safe, healthy hair-removal experience.

Exclusive Technology Helps Prevent Ingrown Hairs
The Emagine features innovative technology you won’t find in any other epilator. First, dual opposed staggered heads allow the Emagine to cover more surface area while grasping and removing the hair. And to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs, the Emagine boasts exclusive “lifting fingers” that lift flat and short hairs–which other hair removal systems often miss–for easy, even epilation. In fact, this handy tool removes hair from the root as short as 0.5 millimeters.

User-Friendly Operation
The Emagine is user-friendly and comfortable to use, thanks to an ergonomically engineered handle that balances in your hand and is easy to maneuver all over your body. It’s versatile and gentle enough to remove delicate facial hair on the upper lip and chin, and is also great for removing hair on the legs, bikini line, and underarms. Dual speed control lets you customize each experience, and convenient, plug-in operation means you won’t have to worry about replacing a battery.

Things To Consider When Choosing An Epilator For Men

If you read some men epilators’ reviews you will be surprised how much information can be received from other customers who have already tried this tool. For instance, one customer said it was the best thing he has ever bought because it made him smooth and made his wife ‘love him more’. You know, the epilator has two speeds for both fine and coarse hair. And it’s a very essential feature because removing coarse hair could be difficult, even if you use some men’s epilators especially aimed at doing it. Maybe, that’s one of the reasons why men must buy special men’s epilators, not those for women. And it concerns coarse hair (men possess) mostly, not the pink color female epilators have. 

But one of the main problems you should be aware of before you use an epilator is that it could cause pain, especially being used for the first time. Some companies advise men to use baby powder to reduce the pain. But the truth is you never know how your body will respond. Different places on your body will hurt more than others. Nevertheless, the Emjoi AP-18MS epilator may turn to be better than others due to the fact that this model has 72 tweezers, making it extremely efficient for men. Thus, equipped with 72 tweezers, this epilator is designed to remove a lot of hair at once. However, it also means that the head is rather large, which makes it a bit tricky to get hair in some places. Those who say that men’s epilator would cost much more than that for a woman, but epilators for men are similar to those for women are right only to some extent, because, first, epilators for females may not remove coarse hair, and second, no man (almost no man) would like to keep some feminine thing like pink or blue epilator in his bathroom. 

The truth is you don’t need an epilator that is labeled for men to remove hair. As a matter of fact, a lot of men also want to remove unwanted hair. Some may play sports like biking, weight lifting, or swimming, but many guys just love being completely smooth. There is no shame in that. The results from epilating are comparable to waxing. In the long run, it costs significantly less and is less messy. It might be pink or baby blue but it will still remove hair. With that in mind, Emjoi is the first to develop an epilator made specifically for men with the Emjoi Emagine for men. Unlike epilators designed for women, it’s black.

So, using an epilator is similar to waxing because you are removing hair at the root. If you don’t want to go to the salon regularly and want to remove hair in the privacy of your own home, an epilator is the best variant to choose. Anyway, be careful, you are going to pull yourself together as women do. Depending on what part of the body you want to remove hair from, you can experience different levels of pain. 

 Why It Is The Best

Emjoi AP-18MS epilator could be better in comparison with other men’s epilators because of the 72 tweezers it has. What else, if to compare with the Emagine for women it is also preferable, because the latter doesn’t include all the accessories and attachments. The epilator for men contains a shaving and trimming attachment. This is handy because, before epilating, it is important to trim hair to the correct height. Most men will need to have their hair prepared by trimming it with such a kind of attachment. It’s also a good idea to use shaving and trimming attachments on areas that you are not ready for or you do not risk to epilate. Another big difference is the way the head slopes, which might be to keep the epilator’s tweezers away from the skin. Nobody reported that the epilator pulls their skin, even while epilating the most intimate areas of their body. And that feature is very essential, especially when we deal with some sensitive zones. 

So, the market offers men some options for unwanted hair removal. Shaving, waxing, or hair removal with the help of men’s epilators. While the devices to remove hair were originally designed for women, most manufacturers have changed their original aims to make them gender-neutral. 

Nonetheless, some differences across brands should be paid attention to when it comes to suitability for men. When looking for an epilator designed for guys, one of the key differences is the thickness of hair. So, the number of tweezers and the locking design can matter much. Also, for large body areas such as the back and arms, a wider epilator head can help speed up the procedure. Although there is always room for improvement, men should be rather careful with using epilators in some specific zones or even avoid doing it, because epilating your pubic area could result in serious cuts and nicks, as the skin tends to be looser and hangs which makes it easier to get pulled into the epilator head. 

Many specialists recommend sticking to shaving and trimming especially when it comes to the pubic area. If you must epilate, keep the epilator head off the skin and try to stretch the skin tight before doing it at a very slow pace. 

What else is important to mention is that the plates for men’s epilators are made out of metal instead of plastic. It’s sturdier than the plastic on the women’s model. Because the head is made out of metal, you can put the metal epilator head in the fridge to cool and calm the skin but the effect wears off as you epilate. Nevertheless, there are not so many reviews to prove that this method works in 100 percent of cases. As a matter of fact, the above-mentioned option could seem to be more essential for men than the design, for example. In case female epilators of red color could be much efficient men wouldn’t object to using them. You see, epilators for men are engineered in such a way as to support the thicker hair of men.

 Our Pick: Emjoi AP-18MS Emagine

 So, we picked the Emjoi Emagine for men because the price difference between the two models (for males and females) was very little. While most of the differences between this epilator and regular epilators are due to pure marketing, there are a number of features that are actually beneficial to men. With features specifically designed for men and solid customer reviews, we think it’s the overall best epilator for men.

But even with Emjoi AP-18MS epilator, removing hair is going to hurt. Pull yourself together, and the results will be worth it. You, surely, know that men have coarser hair, and ripping it at the root is going to hurt. For the most part, users say it gets the job done. According to users who have used this epilator on their whole body – the thighs, knees, and ribcage seem to hurt the most. If you have never removed hair from the root on your body, the first time is going to hurt. The more hair you have, the more intense pain you will feel. The sound could also be a little bit intimidating, but again, remember about the result you will achieve! It will encourage you to proceed! While the dual heads look scary, they will not cut or pinch the skin. The dual heads on it keep skin from being pinched. Users say you don’t have to worry about skin getting caught in the device even “down there”. Just be sure to keep skin tight always to avoid any pinching. 

 Unfortunately, the Emjoi AP-18MS epilator is not rechargeable. The unit must always be plugged in. The truth is that if the device was not plugged in, it would not have enough power to spin the motor for very long, driving 72 tweezers. This was the problem in the Emagine AP-18R. The battery didn’t last very long, offering only around 20 minutes. Thankfully, the cord on this model is very long.

 Our Conclusion

 To sum up, the Emjoi AP-18MS epilator for men is one of the best epilators for men. Users love that it’s just as effective as waxing without any of the mess. It’s got a number of features that guys are going to love, including an interchangeable trimmer/shaver head, 72 tweezers, and dual heads. The results are worth it. It will give you that smooth look that most guys and women alike. We recommend the Emjoi eMagine AP-18MS as one of the best men’s epilators available nowadays.

Another option, that I would definitely go for is the new Fasbruy IPL Laser Hair Removal 

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  •  IPL hair removal system adopted the same clinically proven IPL tech used by dermatologists and beauty salons. The principle is to emit a strong pulse and be absorbed by the hair follicle, stimulates the hair follicle to enter a dormant period to achieving permanent hair removal. The Fasbruy IPL hair removal emits a warm light and the skin only feels mild heat. It is very gentle, especially for first-time users or operating on gentle areas, such as the face or bikini line. 5 different energy levels to adapt to different skin. You can adjust the level according to the skin area and hair growth speed. The first time we suggest that start from level 1 to get used to the device and flashes. Two modes of design can satisfy your demands on different hair removal parts. The MANUAL mode is mainly used for small area hair removal, such as bikini line, armpit, fingers, lips; AUTO Mode can be used for large hair removal area, such as arms, legs, stomach, and back. 999,999 Flashes enough for a lifelong time. Follow the instructions of the manual to use the IPL hair removal properly, it will help you achieve the effect of removing hair faster. Compared with the cost of salon hair removal methods, the financial benefits of this At-home hair removal device will soon be seen. Professional manufacturer and strict quality control make us confident in our At-home use Fasbruy At-Home Laser Hair Removal.

Permanent & Professional Hair Removal

I fall into the camp of people who want zero body hair without putting in, like, any effort (aka shaving and waxing are out). That’s why the light hair removal device so popular, those little at-home devices that promise to zap off your hair in the comfort of your own bathroom for a fraction of the fees of an in-office treatment.

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Our hair removal which is designed for women, just plug the device into the mains and start using. Equipped with detailed instructions Manual, sunglasses, shaving knives for easy handling and effortless treatment at home.