Beauty tip: Epilate!

I have been a fan of epilation for many years now. I try to avoid shaving. Of course, there are the odd times when I have to make use of the good old fashion razor, like shaving and showering in the same time to save some time when I am late to meet up with a friend and I am desperate to wear my new dress for the night. But usually, instead of good old shaving, I epilate to get a silky legs.

Years ago, the idea of using epilators for women would just make me cringe. I was, like many girls probably, terrified at the idea of having a machine ripping the hair out of my skin. Ouch! Far from me was the idea that one day, I would start religiously using epilators over shavers!

How they work. There are two basic types of epilators. The first type, the more old-fashion one, traps hair (legs, underarm, pubic) uses rotating springs and other models use tweezers-like technology (rotating disks) that will grab the hair close to the root. The different types of epilators all do a similar job, but you maybe prefer one to another, it is more a matter of personal preference.

And ladies, to be honest with you, yes it does hurt a lot the first time you decide to use an epilator, but what women won’t do for getting a perfect glowing silky legs! You will probably realize the first time you use of an epilator that it is certainly not as comfortable as a shaver or an electric razor, but fortunately, to maintain it afterward is relatively painless. So Why to Epilate? Epilators for women are recommended for people who are thinking of using it as the main way to get rid of their hair. If you are thinking of epilation only a couple times a year, you may not want to use an epilator for women, but if you are thinking of using it regularly, I highly recommend it because it beats shaving from far. After all, it keeps your legs and arms skin so much smoother!

The beauty of epilation is that is can be done dry, therefore you won’t need to be in the shower, in the bath, or be using shaving cream to avoid cuts. The best thing is to sit in a bright area (by the window) to have a good look at your legs and not miss any hair. Plus, if you are in a hurry and have done a good job at maintaining your skin pretty hairless, you can easily grab your epilator for women to remove the few wild and odd hair before a date or going to the beach!

A great advantage of an epilator for women is that you can be certain you will have no ugly and embarrassing cuts. Plus you will able to keep to a difficult place to reach with a razor always smooth (around the knee, the underarms, etc). One more benefit of epilation is that your hair will grow back, over time, thinner and sparser, unlike shaving which seems to make your hair so much thicker and tougher. And because the hair is pulled out rather than cut, the hair grows back slower, and grows back new, and feels a lot softer than the hard hair that returns soon after you shaved. You will feel the difference after few months using the epilator.

The epilator for women works extremely well on the legs and arms. As for the rest of your body, it can be used pretty much anywhere, from the bikini to the armpits, to the face, to the back and the belly. I have no prior experience with epilating the back. I would think it would hurt like hell, but I heard that maintaining it is actually not too bad. As for the bikini, you can imagine it is much more painful than doing the legs, but at least you will get a much nicer result. Although, the devices made for all the body parts, with the latest technology and attachments are less struggle and less painful. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel and touch absolutely smooth skin.

So here are your answers Why to Epilate? Epilation is also much cheaper than shaving. While you need to invest slightly more in a good epilator. However, remember that an electric shaver needs replacement blades and cartridges and shaving cream, while your epilator for women is a one-time investment. So if you are tired of your grizzly arms and legs and want something faster than waxing and that will leave your body smoother than shaving, try epilation. To get a silky legs never been easier. And remember, it hurts the first time, but maintaining is so easy, simple, and painless, and you will experience the smoothest skin ever.

Happy epilation!