4 Functions of a Facial Steamer

Although it sounds very modern to you, facial saunas were already practiced in ancient Rome. Of course, these 4 functions of a facial steamer to take into account shows how we have improved the technique. One of the essentials of your beauty center!

1. The indisputable convenience of a facial steamer

Yes, we have said that the use of steam to cleanse the face is not a current invention. But, can you imagine heating water in a pot and bringing your face closer, with your head covered by a towel? Apart from the risk of irritation because there is no way to control the temperature, what a complication!

2. Provides a deeper cleaning

The basis of this treatment is clear, the pores of the skin open when exposed to a source of heat. The scientific explanation is that this increase in temperature sets in motion the self-regulation mechanism of our body.

This process is more complete when using a facial steamer because the steam it produces is finer and can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin

3. The relaxing function of a facial steamer

Because not all the advantages have to be valued taking into account the results. The effectiveness of a facial steamer is already proven, now we have to look at other benefits that it provides us. Here, without a doubt, we must highlight the relaxing effect of this technique.

In fact, it is interesting to remember that it is still a sauna, in this case, concentrated on the face. However, well-being is felt throughout the body and mind. To boost it, try combining it with aromatherapy

4. Improves blood flow and cell regeneration

This mechanism of body thermoregulation that we mentioned before implies not only a dilation of the pores of the skin. It also involves that of the blood vessels and, as a consequence, better blood circulation. In this line, a facial steamer with cold / heat regulation is an even more complete tool.

But, there is still more. Because that greater oxygenation of the blood and more contribution of nutrients facilitates that the cellular processes are more effective, among others, the natural production of collagen so beneficial for our skin.

The benefits that these 4 functions of a facial steamer to take into account bring to skincare are indisputable.

Learn how your skin can benefit from using it

homemade facial steamers have been very fashionable for offering a simple product to keep our skin healthy. Surely you have ever heard or experienced the benefits of steam and with one of these devices, you can have a small spa at home.

Steam on the face is widely used to remove all kinds of impurities and it is generally recommended to use it twice a month. In a natural and non-invasive way, you can cleanse your skin thoroughly.

With this product, you can remove impurities from your skin and also prepare it to receive serums or creams, increasing its effectiveness. The objective of a facial steamer is to dilate the pores on your face, in order to remove all the dirt from them. It is advisable to clean the face before using one of these devices and dry with a towel.

When using it, you should place yourself at a distance of 8 to 12 inches, making sure that the steam that comes out is not too hot. Depending on the size of the water tank of the device, it will be the time you can do this treatment, but it is recommended to use it for around 10 minutes.

At the end of the treatment, you can gently remove impurities or blackheads and apply a mask, cream or serum. Thanks to the effect of steam, the skin of your face will be better prepared

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